KWS-Industrietechnik GmbH
Eichendorffstrasse 23 b
D-78239 Rielasingen

Tel ++49 7731 91 93 00
Fax ++49 7731 91 93 01

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KWS-Industrietechnik GmbH

Solar technology, expansion joints & industrial products


We have been working for our customers since 1996.

Our actions have been confirmed by constant growth, which we motivates us to work for you as well.

Our delivery program:

  • brass fittings, forged brass parts,
  • rotary connections, multi-way rotating unions, multi-way rotary connections,
  • rotating sealing heads, rotating unions, swivel joints,
  • stainless steel hoses, flexible metal hoses in stainless steel, corrugated hoses for solar technology with accessories such as strikers, mounting tools, segment rings and brass fittings. Flexible metal hoses in stainless steel with DVGW stamp,
  • extendible stainless steel corrugated pipe, flexible connections, KWS flexible hoses
  • buffer tank connectors,
  • steam hoses, metal hoses, clutch/brake combinations,
  • brakes, brakes for access systems,
  • seals for rotary kilns, brakes for brake motors
  • metal bellows, steel sleeves, linings/dry running plates, press safety valves,
  • silencers, expansion joints for heating systems, vibration absorbers, expansion joints in stainless steel, lens expansion joints, expansion joints in stainless steel for transformers,
  • rubber expansion joints,
  • fabric expansion joints, metal bellows,
  • vibration absorbers, pipe supports and special profiles made from steel or aluminium.
  • sale of OMPI, AMBI, Girol, G.P.A. and Tecnofluid