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Press safety valves, G.P.A.

Pneumatic press safety valve contract partner G.P.A.


Press safety valves and valves from GPA for safe pneumatic control systems. The MEP-A series are 3 / 2-way, normally closed, active components for controlling pneumatic clutches and clutch/brake combinations of eccentric presses or other single-acting pneumatic elements. In order to fulfil the assigned purpose without restrictions in accordance with the generally applicable regulations such as EN 692 in the CEE region, these valves must be designed as dual valves and have dynamic monitoring.
The series contains 4 models with nominal sizes of 10 to 40 which have been tested in accordance with the “BG” type.

Silencer for pneumatic press safety valve, contract partner G.P.A


The safety valves in the MEP-A series are dual valves with a parallel flow arrangement which restricts the residual pressure in the event of switching errors to less than 3% of the input pressure thanks to their balanced dimensioning.
An integrated dynamic monitoring system blocks the valve automatically and switches to venting in the event of asynchronous running or leakage of the main seat of one of the valve parts from flow values which cannot be controlled using means.
In the event of a malfunction, the monitoring prevents reactivation until the normal idle position functionality has been restored.
The reactivation block is cleared automatically.
A reactivation block device with a clearance button can be implemented using pressure switches (optional).